khagol pitaOur Own Guru Ji Ajay Parmar- Founding Father of Astro Wellness Ashram!!  

Know him in his own words!!

The religious and spiritual atmosphere added with astrological shade at home influenced, since childhood from within. It made me bend more towards the latter although there was a separation between the two; as now I feel, it is not justifiable, at an early age of 7 years. I started learning astrology and soon had a good grip on the subject. The formal education also continued but more due to the homely pressure only and not due to my own interest. Finally I got rid of my sophomoric era of life from college. Till that time also being a black belt martial soul. I participated in several events at national and international levels.

All this of the above also, could not attract me towards the razzle-dazzle of the materialistic world. I realized that I was not made to be here and be drawn into this vicious circle. Therefore I got a self-realization and I immersed myself in the study of volumes of literature on astrology, occult-sciences, Vastu science, spiritualism, Ayurveda and meditation. It was after this that I decided to put all my learning into practice. I then left my family to go to the forbidding heights of the Himalayas for more than four years, where under my Blessed GURU JI I with my body and soul absorbed his teachings. I then proceeded to a village of MP, for practicing occultism, naturopathy, Ayurveda which I had learned.

Presently, not finally, I am settled in Dehradun and am blessed with a daughter. My wife too, is an Occult Science Specialist   I have the honour, and courage to solve enigmas of hundreds of people till date. In the course of my astrological practices I soon realized that stars alone cannot contribute to the wellness of man in entirety. This led me to furthering and linking my learnings towards astro-medical era which I had fortunately inherited from my ancestors, specially my father who too was a renowned astrologer and Vaidya in his time.

Then started my responsibility which is totally different from the medical sciences. My responsibility to help the people to realise and vitalize their energy which they possess within. My desire is to serve the mankind to live a healthy life.



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