Medical Astrology traditionally had medical & psychological aspects. Vedic astrology is used along with Ayurveda for healing mind. Our ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs as under the influence of the sun, moon, and planets, along with the twelve astrological signs. Each of the astrological signs (along with the sun, moon, and planets) is associated with different parts of the human body .The Astrological |Birth Chart| reveals the nature & destiny of the soul, not merely the state of body or ego. For over 3000 years, the ancients blended the wisdom of earth (the herbs) & the heavens (STARS) through the astrology by promoting balance between healing & natural state of balance.




The energy relating to each of the seven spectrum colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, resonates with the energy of each of the seven main chakras/energy centers of the body. If you can imagine the chakras as a set of cogs/wheels, they are rather like the workings of a clock or an engine; each cog/wheel needs to move smoothly for the clock/engine to work properly. Thus good health and wellbeing is achieved by a balance of all these energies. Balance of the energy in each of the body’s chakras is very important for health and wellbeing. Colour therapy can help to re-balance and/or stimulate these energies by applying the appropriate colour to the body and therefore re-balance our chakras.




Sound moves the mind & heart, influencing us on conscious, subconscious & super conscious level.

For centuries sound have been utilized for healing and consciousness transformation. We are now discovering the science behind this powerful ancient modality that is so effective for healing today. Modern medicine can now measure and thus confirm the practice of sound as a means to healing. Selected Mantra’s at specified frequencies will be helpful in transformation by stabilizing mind to connect with astral body.





Gems are the one of the most powerful & beautiful creations of Mother Nature. Gem therapy is an alternative form of healing. Practitioners of this therapy believe that gemstones carry certain vibrations which when placed within a person's aura, has the effect of changing it. It is believed that the human aura consists of nine colours, namely: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, infra-red and ultra violet. Any deficiency or excess of these Colours upsets the body's energy balance leading to illness. Gemstones heal by restoring the balance to the original Composition of the nine colours. Gemstones transmit a specific wavelength to the body, which converts these rays into a chemical form that the body can utilize to improve its functioning both on a physical and an emotional level.



Aroma therapy have therapeutic powers of natural aromas available with Mother Nature, useful in relaxing & restoring ideal state of human life. Combines the sense of smell with the healing value of touch & as can be treated in the common elements to promote good health & emotional wellbeing & to enhance every aspect of life. Mother nature have given almost 40 types of aromatic plants which can be used to arthritic, bronchitis, depression, indigestion, influenza, mental fatigue, anxiety ,flatulence’s, achene.




Panchkarma is the key Ayurvedic method of physical purification, owning to the subtle nature of processes. It penetrates deep into the nervous system, useful for psychological problems caused by excess of the “doshas”.










Meditation in state of awareness with-in our self. As human body have both electrical & mechanical system which has to be in proper alignment, for same best way is Dynamic Meditation.

Dynamic meditation is the process where you inter connect with Mother Nature & fulfill the alignment of chakras for delighted body, heart & soul. This is a meditation in which you have to be continuously alert, conscious, and aware, whatsoever you do. Remain a witness. Observe what is happening as if you are just a spectator, as if the whole thing is happening to somebody else, as if the whole thing is happening in the body and the consciousness is just centered and looking.





Tracking to toughest of places with ease along with connecting with your astral body & realizing how beautiful life is when you are with yourself & all your 5 elements aligned to give you soulful experience. This journey will be full of excitement & knowledge of flora-fauna will be life time experience. Off road cycling will be one of its own kind experience on high altitudes.







Naturopathy is an art and science of healthy living and a drugless system of healing based on well founded philosophy. It has its own concept of health and disease and also principle of treatment. Naturopathy is a very old science. We can find a number of references in our Vedas and other ancient texts. The morbid matter theory, concept of vital force and other concepts upon which Naturopathy is based are already available in old texts.




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